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Become a Realtor Today with Cobb Realty

Are you looking to start your career as a licensed Realtor in the Southeast Kansas area? Whether you are looking to switch up your career or ready to create one, we have a place for you in the market. Selling homes and retail space is an exciting job. If you have a passion for helping others find their dream home or their new headquarters for their successful business, then you may be ready to get on the path to becoming a Realtor. We will help you get the answers needed and point you in the right direction to begin your thrilling new job as a Realtor.


Gain Experience from Award-Winning Realtors

Our team is happy to speak with any prospective Realtors in the area and help them get their feet wet. You can trust the experience and knowledge in our office. We have been in the industry since 1988 and have been recognized for our achievements. Below are some of the accolades we’ve received:

Realtor of the Year (1993)

Multi-Million Dollar Producer (1999 - 2017)

Quality Service Award Winner

Voted #1 Real Estate Agent in Crawford County by the Readers of the Morning Sun (4 Times)

Voted #1 Real Estate Company in Crawford County by the Readers of the Morning Sun (7 Times)

Voted #1 Real Estate Company in The Four States Finest (2018)

Cobb Realty Keeps You Connected with the Community

Being an effective Realtor means staying connected with your community. Getting to know potential neighbors can also help you get more leads when looking to sell to other clientele. Plus, information like where schools are located and what good restaurants are around are all things buyers are looking for when buying a house. Our team can help introduce you to other business owners in the area to help you get acclimated quickly.

Your Local Real Estate Experts.